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In the deck-building game Hypnose, you are a hypnotist who is trying to be better than the other hypnotists. And to prove that you're the best, you want to lower your opponent's Mental Resistance to zero.
You do this by expanding your base deck with books, courses, hypnotic tools, and weakening effects you can buy.
Then challenge your opponents to a hypnotic duel and reduce their Mental Resistance.
The game is played in turns, and on your turn, you can:

1) Buy cards
2) Play a card for its ability
3) Engage in a hypnotic duel
4) Play a card for its ability
5) Fill your hand up to its limit

Keep track of your score on the board. When dropping to certain scores, you get advantages or disadvantages. The game is balanced so that players that are behind gain a bonus and the game stays balanced and interesting until the last turn.

The last man standing is the Greatest Hypnotist of all and wins the game!

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