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Posted: 26/07/2019 11:04
by BartV.
@Bart V.: Ik moet nog zien of het gaat lukken voor vanavond, Kris heeft een migraine-aanval momenteel, als die over is lukt het maar anders gaan we het moeten uitstellen. Goed dat ik je straks nog iets laat weten?
Ok. Geen probleem. Wens hem veel beterschap van mij.


Posted: 26/07/2019 11:09
by Veerle
@Bart V; hoe kan ik je het beste bereiken als het niet door gaat? wil je nu ook voor niets tot daar laten komen


Posted: 26/07/2019 13:55
by BartV.
- Region 15
- Deep strike
- Attacker: Saim-Hann Eldar
- Defender: Slaanesh daemons and orks

A swift strike from a webwayportal brought the Aeldari Saim-Hann warhost on the outskirts of the Orkish capital Ungor Crag. The surprise attack could result in a permanent Aeldari outpost deep in enemy territory. Warboss Squighunta – warned by the flickering images on his Slaaneshi mirror - sent his personal horde to dispatch the intruders. Farseer Wismerhill saw to his dismay a massive horde – covered by a large gretchin shield – advance to his lines.

Dotted between the snakebite lines he could make up some orkish psykers, gibbering with the vast amount of psychic energy the orks created. Several warbosses urged the slower orks forward. In the back a single ork supply trukk was commandeered by a small group of orks with huge guns. He knew he had to hold his position.

Hastily the Aeldari battleline formed up in an old ruin. The two units of windriders – supported by Wismerhill himself and his most trusted warlock advisor. Formed the core of the eldritch fireline. The waveserpents – filled with dire avengers and fire dragons - prepared themselves to halt the orkish advance. The vipers and the fire prism positioned themselves to give long range covering fire.

The ork horde advanced as a green tide. A hail of shots greeted the countless greenskins, but many missed their mark… It seemed the Aeldari trickery failed this time due the vast amount of WAAAGH! Energy on the battlefield (denied doom and guide). To stall the orkish advance, a waveserpent crashed into the grot unit to disable the screen of living shields.

The orkish response came swiftly: the wave serpent and the firedragons within were dispatched by one of the warbosses and a fresh unit of orks threatened the outskirts of the Aeldary battleline (unstoppable green tide) in a kunnin flanking maneuver. The constant covering fire of the lootas, who used the trukk as an elevated firing opposition started to whitle down the units of windriders. Wismerhill repositioned his army and with his psychic foresight (doom + guide + jinx) the Aeldari army transformed in a point blank firing squad. A massive horde of orks fell… The remaining ork units had sufficient warriors to retaliate and overran half of the enemy units.

Only when a new unit of ork boyz materialized in a green flash (da jump) before the remainder of the Aeldari force, farseer Wismerhill foresaw no longer victory. To his disbelief only a single windrider and his fire prism were left to brace for the upcoming assault. Realizing the hopelessness of his position the farseer teleported himself and his few remaining comrades back to Aeldari territory.


Posted: 30/07/2019 08:05
by Minisnatcher
Voor de club dag van 4/8. Laat aub op fb of in het topic van de club dag ( viewtopic.php?f=3&t=725 ) weten of je komt en rond hoe laat, zodat we weten hoeveel tafels klaargezet moeten worden ;).


Posted: 30/07/2019 08:50
by Veerle
Iemand zin om zondag op de clubdag te spelen voor de campaign? Kris ziet het wel zitten ;)


Posted: 30/07/2019 16:13
by Xeno

Attacker: Saim-Hann Eldar
Defender: Necrons
Scenario: Cautious Advance
Mission: Demolitions (Cities of Death)

To be continued...


Posted: 31/07/2019 08:09
by Xeno

Attacker: Slaanesh Daemons & Orks
Defender: Saim-Hann Eldar
Scenario: Cautious Advance
Mission: Deadlock (Maelstrom of War)

To be continued...


Posted: 02/08/2019 19:44
by Veerle
Attacker: Inperium
Defender: Slaanesh Daemons & Orks
Scenario: Cautious Advance
Mission: Supplies from above (Eternal War)

De space wolves vielen de orks in grote aantallen aan. Wanneer de orks in de tegen aanval gingen, stelde de space wolves zich defensief op. De orks gingen in volle charge. Maar de space wolves bleven dapper staan en wachtte tot de orks binnen bereik kwamen om dan alles op de orks te schieten. Opeens viel er (deepstrike) een hoop orks op de linker en rechter flank. Waar van de land raider crusaider dankzij de rune priest er wat van in de lucht dood kon schieten. Maar de orks kwamen er door. De orken die uit de lucht kwamen vielen aan. Ze werden op de rechter flank zwaar beschoten, toch gingen ze door met een van hun war bossen die nog maar net aan kwam gelopen. Terwijl op de linker flank het er slechter aan toe ging voor de space wolves. Ze werden overrompelt door de grote groene wilde 'paddestoelen'. Maar de leider van die flank (een wolve guard battle leader op wolf) bleef staan en vocht als een wolf voor toch de flank te houden. Op de rechter flank ging het beter want ze hadden de wulfen los gelaten. Die hebben met de grey hunters, intersesors en de rune priest de orks genadeloos opgeruimd. Maar toch gaven de orks niet op. Want ze schoten opeens de intersesors dood. Door de slachtofers bij zijn mannen, werd de space wolves warlord (wolf lord on thunder wolf) woedend en stormde hij met 2 van zijn grey hunters (die al eerder werden beschoten) op de warlord van de orks af(war boss) en doode hem. Terwijl dat de orken een hoop versterking kregen op de linker flank (green tide) bleef de space wolves battle leader dapper de linker flank houden. Het deel dat al het langst op de linker flank was ging achter de space wolves warlord aan. De warlord werd gecharcheerd door de orks die op hem af kwamen en hij inkasseerde bijna alles en mepte er een deel van dood .Hij ging verder door de orks maar één van de weerd boys ging er ook achter aan en gooide een vuurbal naar de space wolves warlord (smite op 8 ). De rune priest creeerde een ondoordringbaar rune schield (dispelde op een 9) De rune priest ging een magischs duwel aan met een van de weerd boys en zap!!... de ork was geroosterd. Daarna schoot de land raider, op de nop na, alle orken die zijn warlord aanvielen dood. Terwijl dat de rechter flank de orken beschoot, ging die nop en een pain boy achter de warlord na. Hij inkasseerde de pain boy zijn aanvallen. Doordat zijn wolf snel is kon hij (interupten) ze beiden doden en ging verder. De wolf gaurd battle leader op de linker flank werd te zwaar verwond en moest zich terug trekken (hij ging dood). De land raider ging in volle vaart (5 inch per turn) naar de linker flank. De warlord ging een hoop grots weg jagen (voor een objectief). Omdat de orken de hoop verloren hadden om verder te strijden gingen ze vluchten. De space wolves hebben een glorie rijke overwinning gehad.


Posted: 05/08/2019 08:20
by comicsserg
Gebied 20 -
Verdediger: Saim-Hann Eldar (Steven) 2000ptn
Aanvaller: Necrons (Sergey) Sautekh dynasty 2000 ptn
Scenario: Meat Grinder
Victory: Necrons

The Eldar forces arrayed against Necrons are the last stubborn defenders of this war zone, grimly holding out despite being overwhelmingly outnumbered.
Necrons have been committed to lead an all-out attack to annihilate them in their entirety. Friendly casualties are of no concern – no enemy must survive!

A Preliminary Bombardment was the first part of the attack on the defending Eldar. It was offcourse not enough to destroy the troops in the targeted location. Only one wound was taken of the wave serpent.

Two Doomsday Arks appeared in the sky and without hesitation they opened all their guns on the Wraith Knight that was standing in front of the Eldar force. But even two doomsday arks could not bring down this monstrosity. Fast flying Doom Scythe with the powerfull deathray flew above the knight and opened it's energy weapon against him. The Knight was heavily damaged but still standing on the battlefield.

The last blow to the knight was brought by the Destroyers that focused their gauss weapons and blew already damaged Knight to pieces.

Lines upon lines of Necron infantry showed up on the horizon. They were advancing and commanded by the Overlord Nephetekh that had destroyed previous area with Eldar and now knowing from his previous battle what to expect, he had a menacing plan in his mind. At his side they were crypteks and lords that were coordinating the forces for him.

Lines of Immortals with Tesla Carbines as well as Necron Warriors were opening their fire into the eldar bikes hiding in the building in front of them. The sky was lit by the constant tesla energy beam that jump across multiple targets.

Saw that destroyers had to be removed as they came closer to the rest of the forces, Eldar replied with their psychic powers. Destroyers were doomed and jinxt and could not take so much firepower on them and were destroyed.
Crimson Hunter Exarchs was flying across the battlefield dealing some heavy firepower to all targets.
Eldar vipers that were hiding on the left flank were helping destroying Necron destroyers.

While this was happening Nephetekh on his catacomb command barge weilding his Warscythe flew between energy projectiles that were flying between Vipers and Destroyers.

His plan was to take out Eldar command fast enough so they could not be relying on their psychic powers and to lower the morale in Eldar ranks. He focussed his eyes on the Eldar Warlock. The Warscythe has served him for many thousands of Terran years and there were a lot of blood spilled on its blade. Warlock had not seen Nephetekh coming so fast as he was distracted by removing destroyers from the battlefield. Nephetekh sliced swiftly in the direction of the Warlock and chopped one of his arms. With one hand he tried to manouvre his bike and get away from this horror. But not for long...

While Necron firepower was destroying flying wave serpent and another unit of bikes, Eldar managed to kill Doom Scythe that was already behind their forces and causing distraction. Overlord Nephetekh flying after bleeding warlock chopped his head and his body felt on the ground. Another Eldar life was taken by the Nephetekh and his Warscythe.

After this horrifying events eldar had to avenge their fallen brother. They concetrated all their remaning power on him and the barge was destroyed and felt into the ruins together with Nephetekh.

Eldar thougth that they killed him but it was only a matter of time before his Necrodermis, the xenos material created over sixty million years ago by the Necrontyr species that is often described as "living metal", had regenerated him.

Freshly arriving wave of Destroyers annihilated Crimson Hunter Exarchs. Now that almost all of the Eldar command was gone there was only one high value target left and it was his eldar farseer! Cryptek with Veil of Darkness teleported him and Tesla Immortals fast across the battle field filled with damaged Eldar and Necron technology and numerous Eldar bodies. They opened fire upon this poor farseer and the tesla ripped him apart.

The last pice of Eldar presence was the Wave serpent with infantry in it hiding in the building on the right flank. Both Doomsday arks could see it through the gaps in the ruins and they fired their doomsday cannon inside the building killing the last remaining force of Eldar there.

To be continued...


Posted: 08/08/2019 13:51
by BartV.
Deze beurt dient er nog 1 battle gespeeld te worden: gebied C (imperium vs orks). Deze en volgende week zitten voor mij helaas vrij vol. de enige datum wanneer ik nog (vrij snel) kan is dinsdagavond (13 augustus)...

@Veerle, Fons, Chris en Kevin: Kan één van jullie het dan tegen mijn orks opnemen? Indien niet vrees ik dat we het een weekje moeten opschuiven.

@Xeno: Ik loop nog een tekstje achter. Ik zal dit zo snel mogelijk in orde brengen.